Teton Pass Backcountry Guide [Second Edition]

Teton Pass Backcountry Guide [Second Edition]

Price: $59.95

Hot off the press, the second edition of Teton Pass Backcountry Guide is now available!

First published in February 2016, Teton Pass Backcountry Guide is the first and only guidebook for backcountry skiing on world-famous Teton Pass. During the autumn of 2023, I devoted a solid month (I mean solid!) to a thorough revision, remake of the maps, and a reset with many new action images from Jonathan Selkowitz.

The book is 7×9, soft cover, and 118 pages with 170 full-color images, with no advertisements as there were in the first edition. Three dozen of those images are ski action and historical photographs from Jonathan Selkowitz. About 100 peak photos have detailed route overlays. Detailed shaded relief maps introduce each of four chapters.

As backcountry skiers, we are acutely aware of our carbon footprint…driving to ski, purchasing petroleum-based ski gear/clothing, etc. If there is anything we can do to offset our impact, most of us are willing to take those steps. As an author encouraging more backcountry use, I must make efforts to offset carbon emissions of this use. Through Hudson Printing’s sustainability commitments, I as publisher, and you as a buyer of the book, are effectively partnering to contribute to World Land Trust habitat restoration and re-vegetation projects worldwide that will ensure the future existence of natural carbon sinks. Teton Pass Backcountry Guide (Second Edition) is the first book published in the USA under the North American Carbon Balanced Print program–thanks to Hudson Printing Company!

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